Welcome to my blog!

In my spare time I fiddle with tech stuff, self-hosting things like Nextcloud, Plausible, Bitwarden (well Vaultwarden), Synapse (Matrix).

I’m running a NUC and a Pi4 in a Docker Swarm setup, if you’re wondering. :)

Sometimes getting things to work requires some eh effort and Google Skillz™. I figured: let’s share what I find out for others like myself to find later on and have a bit smoother ride getting things to work.

The blog itself is already a mini-project, sort of the first one I share here: It’s a NetlifyCMS.org blog, using the Casper Theme deployed to Netlify where I also host my main family site. The whole JAMStack idea of dynamically generating static sites (see what I did there? :-) is great and super scalable and therefore interesting. I’m sure one of my next projects is going to be to use Lambda functions to create a comment functionality on this blog, but not today…